My Ancestors

Below shows my paternal and maternal lines going back four generations from my grandparents. Click on the photos to access their profiles.

Similarly, you may access my Cemetery list which will have my ancestors grouped by family group which can be found here –┬áCemeteries

Paternal Line

My Paternal Line is Cameron, Donald Cameron came to New Zealand when he was about 15 or 16 in 1840 with his parents and siblings aboard the barge “The Blenheim”, landing in Wellington.  The Cameron families since then have lived and settled throughout the North Island including Taranaki, Whanganui, and  Hawkes Bay.

Rodney Alexander Cameron

Relationship: Grandfather
Born: 4th February 1935
Died: 15th February 2014

Ronald Stewart Cameron

Relationship: Great grandfather
Born: 16th June 1907
Died: 26th March 1991

Walter Cameron

Relationship: Great great grandfather
Born: 30th November 1862
Died: 16th March 1946

Donald Cameron

Relationship: Great great great grandfather
Born: 1807
Died: 27th June 1866

And their Wives

Beatrix Alison Binns

Relationship: Grandmother
Born: 16th November 1936

Kathleen Janet Thomson

Relationship: Great grandmother
Born: 29th June 1908
Died: 11th October 1997

Madeline Stewart Baldwin

Relationship: Great great grandmother
Born: 20th November 1883
Died: 23rd July 1969

Isabella Glasgow

Relationship: Great great great grandmother
Born: 1826
Died: 4th July 1920

Maternal Line

Most of my Maternal line was brought up or spent a lot of time living in Anakoha Bay in the Marlborough Sounds, however Te Ua and Hohaia were married in Otaki before moving to the Nelson Marlborough region where they lived out their lives.

Harata Noeleen Cootes

Grandmother Born: 25th December 1935 Died: 15th February 2002

Riria Lydia Walker

Great-Grandmother Born: 9th January 1914 Died: 26th June 1999

Harata Kotua

Great-Great-Grandmother Born: 15th June 1889 Died: 7th October 1956

Te Ua Torikiriki Thoms

Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Born: 1862 Died:215th December 1952

And their Partners

Neha Manihera Collins

Grandfather Born: 14th December 1924 Died: 20th October 1973

Hapi Cootes

Great-Grandfather Born: 1913 Died: 13th March 1961

Wiremu Kiharoa Walker

Great-Great-Grandfather Born: 27th September 1887 Died: 26rd August 1961

Hohaia Te Wera Kotua

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Born: 1853 Died: 11th May 1937

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