COVID-19 Lockdown day 3

Day 3 - 28th March 2020

Well, its Saturday, not much more than that.  Today I slept in, had breakfast, then checked some emails, then some game time.  There was some emails going around the Clan Cameron branches where I offered some help for the Auckland members if they need it.

I got into the garden, cutting back some of the growth from the neighbours section.  This will take time, and that is what I have plenty of.

I also braved the world and went to the supermarket, not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I was able to get bread, and all the stuff not coming in the Foodbox on Wednesday. I was also able to tidy the pantry as it now has a lot of cans and long lasting food.

My parents are down the (Marlborough) sounds for the duration of the lock-down. Dad had to install a new wetback hot water cylinder, finishing it in the rain yesterday.  When they arrived the power was out, and they thought that they might not have any power for a while, however it was only temporary. 

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