COVID-19 Lockdown day 4

Day 4 - 29th March 2020

Today was an interesting day, although not much was done.  I started the day with bacon and eggs for breakfast after getting some bacon at the supermarket yesterday.

After someone had put a post on Facebook about MyHeritage is offering a free colourising of black and white photos.  I decided to make a couple of posts of my own by putting up some old photos that I have been editing.  The colourising just made the photos that much better.

Finishing editing some photos took most of the day, but the posts, one for my mothers side of the family, and another post for my Cameron line, were quite popular once I put them up.  The Cameron photos drew out some more cousins after they recognised some photos.

Having needed to do some exercise, I went into the garden to hack away at some vines growing from the neighbours yard. The vine has a complex root system and even though I was only working for about an hour, I was sweating heavily by the end of it.  Again it was only a small amount of what needed to be done.  I will probably return to it next weekend.

The weekend seemed to go quickly as it is back to work in the morning.

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