COVID-19 Lockdown day 2

Day 2

Day 1 over, day 2 nearly done, still sane, coherent, busy, but most importantly still communicating with the outside world.

With the end of the work week in sight, it will be good to get some relaxation.  Even though the lockdown has only been in place for 2 days, my workplace has put us into voluntary isolation for at least a week prior, therefore I am approaching the end of my 12 day in isolation.  As the days roll on I sometimes find it hard to remember what day it is. As work is continuing for me during the lockdown I fear that if I am not careful, I could accidently work through the Easter holiday.  Also having not left the house in a few days, I  probably need to do some exercise which I may look at tomorrow.

I have found that the online food delivery service,  that I made an order from, has changed what is in the order due to unprecedented demand.  The food is still set to be delivered on Wednesday, and hopefully it will stay that way. I may look at going to the supermarket over the weekend  to get some food to tie me over in the meantime.

I was able to get the Clan Cameron Auckland Branch update that was to be for the AGM in Tauranga to the Secretary.  This will probably be emailed out to all the attendees, over the coming weeks.  I also received a refund via cheque for the event.  It will definitely be a while before that check gets banked.

I had a call from another piper today, she was bored and wanted a chat.  She works in recruitment and it appears that she only has about a weeks worth of work left and fears she might be let go.  In her company it appears that there may not be solid work for at least a year as the globe recovers from the virus.  I fear this may be common across many other businesses, and even though the government is giving a lot of money back to the individuals in the country I feel that it probably won’t be enough to cover ongoing issues after the lockdown is finished.

I found a bottle of kiwifruit wine in the fridge, so ending the day on some home cooked fish and chips with a couple of glasses of this wine. Stay safe everyone.

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