COVID-19 Lockdown day 1

Day 1

I thought that keeping a daily update here might give some insight into my current setup and what I am doing during the Government Lockdown issued midnight last night.  I don’t know how this will pan out or what these updates will contain but I will endeavour to keep updating daily.

Firstly work is not slowing down.  I have already been working from home for over a week before the announcement was made on Monday. We were asked to pick up our hardware on Monday from the office so I am mainly setup here.  There are still a couple of niggling issues but I can work in my current state.

I don’t have a shortage of things to do here in the house.  I have some organising for some rooms, throwing away any old items.  The kitchen was supposed to be re-done this winter, probably not till next year now, but it still needs a good clean out.  Piping wise there is nothing from either pipe band, however I am intending to return to solos this year, so will be learning some new tunes.  I have also offered Skype lessons to one of our learner pipers during the lockdown

Scott wants me to look at some music for Sails, specifically replacing the reel in the medley.  I think we could just change the rhythm from round to pointed and this may sort the issue out, will have to see.

I also have some blog updates to add specifically the nationals which I believe went well for us pipers, although the results didn’t say much.  This blog update will include pictures and performance videos.

I have found it tricky when it comes to getting food.  I went to the supermarket on Sunday, first early to beat the rush, however due to reduced hours I had to return at 9am.  The place was packed when I arrived, and people still panic buying soap and antiseptic wipes.  I do not want to go back if I can help it, however after checking some online services, have found that all available delivery and pick up times are all fully booked.  This is a bit worrying and may mean that I will have to go back to the supermarket at some point.

I have found one online food delivery service, Foodbox, but am not sure if their delivery is accurate. I put an order in which will be delivered next Wednesday at the earliest, I will just have to see if this will still be the case.

Till next update, stay safe and wash your hands 🙂

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