Clan Cameron Auckland Branch new President and AGM

On the weekend of the 8th of March, the Auckland branch of Clan Cameron held their AGM.  I went as the Vice President with the intention of taking over the President from Norman Cameron.  I was a bit nervous about this as this will be my first time as President or running a meeting.


I had also been speaking with Rex Garland, who suggested that we get Norman a platter with the clan crest and his name engraved on it, however with the short notice we were only able to get a Quaich, however Michel Tent from Kintail House was kind enough to lathe up a base for it.  This was given to Norman just before General Business with a bottle of The Famous Grouse which I was informed that he liked.

With that out of the way, Norman was happy to finish the rest of the meeting, however I requested that I take over after being accepted as president.  This allowed me to elect my own committee, and start my tenure on my own terms.

The rest of the committee meeting ran fine, we were able to get a few motions in place, the main one being the Annual Dinner date set for the 22nd of August.

I was able to discuss the Scottish Clans Association Endowment Fund and the Committee decided to give an annual reviewed donation of $100. 

The evening ended with a BBQ which was good, I got to talk with a few people including some of the new members.  I was once again on the grill cooking the meat.

I had already prepared a branch update statement, however Neil, the newsletter editor also wanted me to write something up about myself. I will have to do this during my flight to Invercargill over the next weekend.

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