COVID-19 Lockdown day 25

Day 25 - 19th April 2020

Another weekend in lockdown nearly done.  This time starting for a full 5 day work week.  It looks like there is a lot of discussion about moving out of level 4 this week, however I think this is not quite a good idea, it may be a bit too early.  I say this as not much will change for me, and I can continue to work this way quite happily.

I was able to get another bin load of rubbish from the weeds growing from next door.

I have spent a bit of time playing Skyrim over the weekend, this is a good time killer.

I have also been able to complete my tax return for Pipes and Chisels Limited.  I had a years amount of mileage to check my business travel.  It turned out just under half of my travel is deductible at about 2,700kms.

I was also able to get my City of Auckland Band Stocktake done.

I also started a 7 day trial for Amazon Prime.  I started this to get through Picard, but also found that Good Omens in on Amazon so might try and get that done as well.  If there is anything else I might cancel my disney+ subscription and continue with this one.

It is good that Countdown has started an online store, this could mean that online shopping will be easier.  Looking at the pickup seems to be better with a lot of slots opening up.

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