COVID-19 Lockdown day 33

Day 33 - 27th April 2020

Another week has passed and still not much to report.  Today is the last day of level 4 lockdown and tomorrow we go into level 3.  This does not mean much to me, I will still be working from home until further notice.

I was able to make a purchase from the supermarket and it arrived as expected.  I made the order on Friday and scheduled for a Sunday delivery.  The frozen items were not delivered until Monday, but after that all the items were there.  This looks pretty good and I may continue to do this from now on, it will save me an hour in the supermarket in the first place and now that there are more slots to get the food from delivery seems to be the sensible choice.

I did a bit of updating on the web site, I noticed that some of the older pages on my ancestors have not been worked on since copying them over from my blogger page, I tidied up the page for Lydia Cootes, updating some of the photos and updating the paragraphing.  I also updated Ronald Stewart Cameron to look better.  I will need to work out a better colour scheme as it is hard to read the blog with the light coloured text.

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