COVID-19 Lockdown day 21

Day 21 - 15th April 2020

It has been over a week since I put a COVID-19 entry.  A bit has happened over the last few days to be able to add an entry.

For one Easter came and went without much happening.  4 days off without much to do went pretty quickly.

I was able to finish the branch report for the Auckland branch of Clan Cameron.  This was an executive report over the last year.  I had to edit my original report as it only covered the last 6 months, and had some missing events due to me rushing the report.

I had to brave another trip to the supermarket, and I saw on the news that people were spending a lot of time standing in line before the supermarket was closed for Easter Friday.I went on Monday, and sat in the car watching the line.  I arrived about 9:30 and watched people leaving the supermarket, not many people were going in. After a little while I got in line and spent about 15 minutes in the line before going in.  I had a list and spent about an hour filling the trolley and headed to the empty self check out.  It was another apocalypse buy but now the pantry and freezer is full.

It was in the line going into the supermarket that I found out that my carving tutor and good friend Denis Conway had passed away in the early hours of the morning.  He had been in and out of hospital over the last year, and due to this had weakened his heart to the point where he could not recover.  It is a shame as the people he knew are denied a funeral.  He was very well known, and I am sure that his funeral would have been very big.  For most Tuesday nights for the past decade, I have been in his carving class, now this will be a hole in my schedule and I will miss the conversations, and the cups of tea at the end of the night.  He enjoyed me playing the pipes, so I have started to learn Flowers of the Forest, an air played a lot at funerals.  I may post this on Facebook for his family.

Back to work yesterday and still no sign of slowing down.  Our next quarterly meeting is set for 5th of May and it is expected to be while everyone is still working from home.  I would assume that we will be given to the option to work from home and avoid public transport for quite a while. 

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