Clan Cameron at the Paeroa Highland Games 2020

It was an early morning on the 8th February 2020, for the hour and a half trip to Paeroa to help set up the tent for Clan Cameron, arriving 7:30.

The traffic on the way was pretty good, however we struggled getting into the grounds with all the road closures.  We managed to find a way in and got to the tent area.  Neil and Duncan were 20 minutes late trying to get in.  Tanya was already there and so was Rex Garland. I also took Chris Binns down who manned the Matheson tent with Roger Matheson and his daughter.

The tent went up easily and Neil was able to direct us all to the correct procedures for putting up the tent.

During the middle of the Morning we were to do a march in with the clans holding the banners.

One of the main events of the Day was the Topp Twins, who had various on stage acts during the day.  Who had eventually made there way past the Clan Cameron tent during the day

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