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I am planning few updates over the next few weeks to this blog.  Currently the posts have mainly been what I have been upto, but as I am now hoping to add some substance to it via these updates. 

I will be reconsidering updating the blog look and feel, maybe even updating the current logo, as well as how people interact with it.  I will also be adding instructions on how to subscribe and how to automatically get content when it is ready.
This will be in line with some medium to large blog posts.  These will mainly be research posts on people of interest from my family tree that other people may be interested in.  I have some video content from my grandfather that I could also use and put in my posts.
This will be quite a bit of work on my part so I cannot guarantee that the posts will be quick or regular.  I have some people in mind to start with, but if you have any ideas, or would like to see some information on someone specific, please comment on this blog, I will pick it up.
The first people I will look at are;
Donald Cameron and Christina Maclean – These ancestors migrated to New Zealand in 1840
Joseph George Toms – A Whaler and an early settler to New Zealand

Also if you have any information regarding some one specific, a first person reference (if possible), or a story or an important achievement, please let me know.

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