Another cold night performance for Clan Celtica

I probably should have posted this earlier but I haven’t had any time where I can sit down to write events for this blog.  A couple of weeks ago Clan Celtica had another performance at MOTAT, Aucklands Museum of Transport and Technology.  This was for a strange event called WTF and had strange exhibits.

Clan Celtica had a roaming performance starting at 9pm and going for about 45 minutes.  It was cold, there was a chilling breeze that ran through the night.  Frankie had a bad cold, and was coughing and having a bit trouble, but it did not harm the performance.

It was also a night were we had two pipers.  At this stage there were no harmonies, I let Michel lead, and I would play for volume. It went really well considering the temperature.

We also had a stage performance starting at 10:30pm running for half an hour.

Here is a short video on facebook from the night.

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