The Binns Family

The Binns Family

This is a quick post outlining my Binns family relatives at the time my Great Grandmother Beatrix Helen Binns funeral on the 13th of December 2006.

This photo consist Beatrix’s next generation, children, nieces and nephews and consists of the following people

Back row – Robert Deighton, Neil Deighton, Tim Deighton, Tony Millson, Jill Maas, Donald Rex Binns, Susan Deighton, Stuart Binns, Warwick Deighton

Back right side – Andrew Deighton, Even Deighton (face hidden)

Inside standing row – Graeme Deighton, Christopher Deighton,  Helen Millson,  Alison Cameron

Seated row – Enid Hogg nee Binns, Marian Binns, John Deighton, Jane Graham.

This photo shows Beatrix’s Grandchildren.  They are;

Back row – Geoffrey Binns, Klaas van der Veen, Nicholas van der Veen, Clinton Graham, Gary Graham, Johan van der Veen, Alexander Binns

Inside standing row – Bruce Cameron, Stephane Tait nee Binns, Jordana Cordwell nee Hogg, Natalie Bratton nee Hogg, Allan Cameron

Seated row – Ypkje Blienkendall nee Van der Veen, Marianne Crawford nee Cameron, Arlene Colson, Duike Simm nee Van der Veen

The following photos are at the cemetery during the burial.  Beatrix Helen Burt nee Deighton, who married Donald Urquhart Binns on 20th June 1933, and remarried Dean Wentworth Burt, died on the 10th December 2006 at the age of 96.

After the headstone was completed after the funeral

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