COVID-19 Lockdown day 8

Day 8 - 2nd April 2020

Apologies if you were expecting to see posts over the last 2 days and didn’t see any.  I found for the last 2 days there was not much to report.  I guess this is expectable taking into account the restrictions.  My main routine of eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat seems to be taking up most of my time.

My Foodbox arrived as expected and the food looks good.  I have some chicken and mince that was in the freezer so I will be using this first, but the meat looks good.  I am especially looking forward to the “cut your own” scotch steak, not sure whether to cut this into smaller steaks or cook the whole thing in the pressure cooker.

The Foodbox also came with 4 litres of milk, which is a bit excessive.  I already have an “apocalypse” amount milk powder which is going to last ages.  Anyway most of the milk went into the freezer.

I also got the pipes out yesterday, I have to reset the reed in my wooden Nail chanter, so it will take a bit of re-tuning.

I filled a bin with all the vines that I have been cutting out of the garden, however when I put the bin out it was not emptied for some reason, possibly because the truck didn’t see the bin.  I will have to shuffle the bin around and put it back out next week.

Looking at the news, it appears that the lockdown could be in place for a while.  I am assuming that my company is going to be offering optional work from home hours even if the government moves out of the lockdown.  I guess only time will tell. 

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