COVID-19 Lockdown day 13

Day 13 - 7th April 2020

I know it has been a few days since my last post, I may back create them if I find anything I need to update.

My main physical activity since the weekend is doing the weeding.  At this stage it seems like it is very slow work getting the roots of the vines out, spending up to an hour a day which has filled two bin loads.  Most of the work has been done under the ground so it does not look like much work has been done.  With the lock down I may get enough time to get most of it done before being able to leave the house.

Work has not slowed down and looks like it wont be slowing down.  This makes my screen time out of work hours limited.  It is tax time and I need to get my bank accounts and travel logs sorted for the return.  We have only had 2 Clan Celtica performances but I have had a couple of other performances but the income will be quite light over the last year. Millage will be quite high though, so it will have made quite a loss.

Easter is coming up with 4 days off work.  I have 2 band uniforms that I will need to sort out, and I will need to check my instruments to make sure they are all still in working order. I also need to get a few website changes done, including the Nationals videos.  With these COVID-19 entries, any other blog posts might disappear amongst them.

I have been continuing to learn The Highland Wedding, a six part march for the upcoming competition season. I finally got word from the band that we have declined to go to Basel this year, but the organisers plan to hold this open for next year or the near future.

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