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As I have been recently visiting some cemeteries I came up with a problem.  Earlier this year I set aside some graves to investigate in the Rangitiki and Manawatu regions.  I had a basic list of people and had the cemeteries they were in.  When set out to investigate these cemeteries, it started to rain and the expedition came to an end without finding any positive results.

During my latest expedition in this area (6 months later) I had to do the same research as I had lost the initial list.  This has prompted me to create a set of cemetery pages on this blog so that I can reference a list of interest people.  If you are looking at my blog for your own genealogy references, then this information in the future will be categorised by family group to make it easier.  However at this stage it will just be a list.  Most cemeteries have one family group in it anyway.

I also think that the blog layout and design will change slightly, to cater for mobile users, change the design to be not so cluttered.  This may include moving it to another provider maybe WordPress.

I also need to update a couple of existing websites with the information (as well as some basic information) for findagrave.com and WikiTree.com.  These are both reviewed websites and as a result can be very powerful resources.

I only have 2 days to plan this so this is what I have planned to do for my immediate ancestors upto 5 generations back.

  • Update Okaha Urupa to find a grave website
  • Update photos taken at Fraserfeild Cemetery to find a grave
  • Add virtual cemeteries for main family groups in find a grave
  • Update information added to find a grave to Ancestry tree.
  • Look at moving to word press, findout how to add tables and diagrams, sharing etc.

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