Queens Birthday

Queens birthday weekend, especially Saturday was very busy.  It was Ardbeg day, and I had to get to Sam Sneads House of Whisky to get the latest Ardbeg day release.

The release is called Grooves, due to the grooves made in the sides of the barrels to get more surface area contact with the spirit.  Although the whisky has a dark colour, it is actually quite light, enough so that my mother enjoyed it.  I will review this in another blog post.

After that it was down to the cloud for a play out with City of Auckland Pipeband at the Cloud between 12pm and 1pm.  The weather held off and we were able to play outside.

We were then able to make it back to Sam Sneads House of Whisky to get some lunch (Haggis), were I was requested to play some tunes.  Having recently tuned pipes I went through a couple of sets, which went down quite well with the other shoppers in the store.  Sam put up a video on his facebook page which seems to have had quite a lot of people view it.

Day off Sunday, but it was back down to the cloud for another performance,  this was inside due to the bad weather, which did not seem to improve until the next day.

Clan Celtica also played after the band, where I was introduced to the band as the possible new piper.  This went down pretty well, I have until September to get ready for.  This is when Michel returns from his 2 month holiday, hopefully with some harmonies.

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