Pipeband Results for City Of Sails Grade 4

With the nationals in the past and all the recent competition and practice over it is time to reflect on the last month or so.

Our placing at the Nationals was 8th overall out of 12 in the grade.  There are some good points with this and some not so good points.  Although we would have liked to have ended up higher in the rankings, the band did achieve some very specific goals that were put out.  The main one is not letting the medley run away and loose control.

Last year, we came last in the medley which pulled our good Set performance down, this time we didn’t and both our set and medley was at least consistent.

This goes to show that the competition was fierce this year and we cannot take any team for granted, I am sure they are all in the same position we are.  Therefore it is important for the band to make sure they are getting to their next goals, and to make sure they are on top of all their performances if they want to achieve success.

With the Nationals, Mum and Dad came up to play with us as the Blenheim and Districts Pipeband was not playing. Here are some other photos from the weekend, hopefully more to come as I find them.

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  • I agree with your comments about the good things that happened. The competition was also up a gear. There's no reason the band can't improve the basics are all there. I enjoyed the experience tremendously


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