New Zealand Pipeband Nationals 2019 – Dunedun

[UPDATED]The Pipeband Nationals was pretty good for our band however the comments on the judges sheets did not really show the improvements we had made from last year.

In saying this some of the comments were valid and will be something that the grade 4 band will need to work on over the next year or 2. We did come third in the street march which means we are doing something right.

Below are links to our performances, however they are part of 2 Youtube videos, clicking the links should start the video at our performance, however you can move them around however you like to watch the rest.

Video Links

Just a note that I have updated the video links to start at the correct performance times.  These are MSR – 1 hour 10 minutes in and the Medley 3 hours 42 minutes in for the day 1 video. Street march 17 minutes in and Mace Flourishing 8 hours 15 minutes into the day 2 video.
Alternatively watch the whole video in YouTube using these links


The first competition on Friday morning.


The second competition on Friday 11:30. 

Street March

Street march first thing Saturday morning.  A bit cold during warmup but sunny throughout the rest of the bands providing a good sound.

Mace Flourishing

We are a bit worn out here, as it is one of the last things of the competition and the temperature started to drop a we bit.

Other things to note, most of the pipers and drummers joined the grade 1 bands during their warm up, this produced a massive circle which at one point hit critical mass, and the sound leveled out to one tone.
If you watch ‘Scotland the Brave’ in the massed bands, the entire group stopped together.  This is unheard of at massed bands, usually get one or more bands continue in a repeat or several trailing drones.  I think the crowd witnessed something that has never been witnessed before, although most of them would not have been the wiser for it.  The video has an echo, which sort of ruins it, but the echo finish is clean if you listen for it.
All and all a good competition, definitely felt better coming off this one then any other. 

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