New Nail Chanter

I purchased a Naill blackwood chanter for solos with the hopes of using it next weekend at the Auckland Highland Games.  With some help from Michel had the chanter tuned and now seems quite nice to play.
This was also a lesson in chanter tuning as this will need to be monitored over the next few days and weeks.
This chanter seems to sit about 472 htz once warmed up. It looks like it takes a little while to get into warmed up position and can be sensitive when not being played.  The B is slightly flat but hopefully shouldn’t be to bad. 
Also got a new bag cover, hoping to get a Stark theme going here, I want to put a Stark House Sigil over the fern and put a white (imitation ivory or close to) wolf head around the chanter stock like the pommel of the Valerian Steel Sword Long Claw

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