Lesson Practice; The 75th Anniversary Concert

Today’s lesson with Willie was mainly with the tunes for the City of Auckland 75th Anniversary Concert next month, Ian McMaster, The Sleeping Tune, Angus’ Fluffy Ducks, Out of the Air, New Year in Noosa, Itchy Fingers, and The Clumsy Lover.

Also went through the City of Sails Medley and Set.

I still need to work on memorising The Sleeping Tune, and work on the tunes used in the medley.

I also did a bit of digging on a recording device and came up with a Zoom H2N from the DojoUniversity forum.  I went to the Rockshop and they can order one in for $299, the K Rd store has a Tascam DR44WL for $499, and the other device to look at is the TASCAM DR05MKII for $199.  I think the best bet for this will still be the Zoom.

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