Hannah Mirea Howard (nee Reeves) unveiling

While staying with my parents in Blenheim, they were requested to help with a memorial headstone unveilling and the scattering of ashes of Hannah Mirea Howard.  This was done in the bay where our family batch is, Anakoha Bay.

In the bay, when it was used for milling native timber, the Cootes, Walker, and Collins families were in the bay.  The Reeves household is just across the river from our batch, and is also a batch for the Reeves family.

We took the 2 hour trip on Thursday, to clean up the Urupa before the ceremony on Friday.  The cemetery has been well kept over the last few years, and only required the sheep shit removed, and some weeds and grass cut down.

A group of about 30 people turned up for the ceremony which went of pretty well.  The weather was fine and the sun was out for the unveiling at the cemetery.  The tide was out and easy to get to the mouth of the Anakoha river where it meets the sea, ideal for the scattering of ashes.


Group at Okaha Cemetery for Hannah Howard
Hannah Howards Unveiling
Hannah Mirea Howard Flyer

I have also been able to add new information in my family tree that I did not know.

Hannah is a 1st cousin (once removed) of mine, and her 2 children Leeann and Wayne were there, as well as her surviving siblings Lena, and Phil.

I was also able to get some more photos of the Urupa Headstones and some more information on the Collins family, mainly the parents Tom and Julia.

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