Forrest Hill Presbyterian church fundraiser performance

Saturday was a busy day for the pipes, starting off with a performance at Oranga School with Jane Murray for their Scottish Culture Performance.  We tuned up at my house in overcast weather, went to the school where it promptly started to rain.  We weren’t able to re-tune in time for the performance but I don’t think the crowd minded.  Zero minutes preparation on this one as we lead the children onto the stage.  The piping stopped and the children did some folk dancing.  We played again when the children had a segment for Tossing the Caber (foam tubes), then we lead the children out all the way back to their class room (in mild rain).

After drying my uniform the second performance was in the evening at the Forrest Hill Presbyterian church.  Organised by Jenny Cussins, and joined by Tom Bretherton and Alina Hancox, we ran through Scotland the Brave, the competition medley with harmonies, Amazing Grace (also with harmonies) and off with Greenhills of Tyrol.

This went reasonably error free, and was well received by the crowd. The other pipers were relaxed and performed well.

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