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Donald And Christina Cameron

Donald Cameron

Christina Mclean and Donald Cameron

Donald Cameron also known as Donald “The Weaver” Cameron was an immigrant who moved to New Zealand aboard the Blenheim with his wife and children.


It is speculated that Donald Cameron was born about 1784 in Ockle, Ardnamurchan, Argyll, Scotland.  It is believed that he lived there in 1820 were he married Christina McLean, also from Ockle whose parents had moved from the Isle of Mull

In 1820, when Donald was 36, he married Christina McLean in Strontian, Argyll, and had seven children.

Dugald born 1823
Alexander born 1824
Donald born 1824
Catherine born 1827
Anne born 1829
Duncan born 1832
John born 1833

On August 25th 1840 Donald, Christina, and all their children migrated to New Zealand on the boat the Blenheim.

In order to distinguish the various Donald Camerons, the senior Donald Cameron in this family was nick-named “Weaver” on account of his occupation, and his son Donald Cameron was nick-named “Piper”, because he was a bagpiper.

Donald died 1860 aged 75

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