My name is Rob and I am a java developer by day.  When my Grandfather passed away I started to take an interest in the family research he had done.  I also decided to learn the bagpipes which he had previously done.  After taking up a few social activities i found that there were several people interested in what I was doing.  I started a simple blog site as a means of showing everyone what I was upto.

I found that the blog site needed to hold more information which it was not able to do, therefore I have created this wordpress site which gives me a bit more freedom around how I display information.

I intend to blog my activities, events, and carvings, but now I also intend create more pages to have more information like a performance calendar, genealogy repository of my ancestors and genealogy information, my carvings, and even what whiskies I am drinking.


My hobbies include

  • Wood carving, mainly of Maori design on New Zealand native timbers
  • Bagpiping, started as an adult learner but perform quite frequently
  • Genealogy, something once you start you cannot stop
  • Clan interests, I am the incoming president of the Auckland branch of Clan Cameron and also involved with the Scottish Clans Association


Over the last few years I have gotten into Maori Carving.  I have mainly carved Swamp Matai from Havelock in the Marlborough sounds.  I have done several wedding gifts, birthday keys, and other requests.


I started playing the bagpipes in 2014, and started solo competitions 3 months later.  I initially got a few 2nd placings, but in the following season I won both the Novice grade and D grade at different competitions.  

I now play with two Auckland Pipe bands, City of Sails Pipe Band, and City Of Auckland Pipe Band.  I have mainly competed with City Of Sails at grade 4 level, at the time of writing this I intend to compete at grade 3 level.

Do you have a request?

Require a Piper?

I am available for bagpiping requests for Haggis ceremonies, weddings, funerals, or any event you may need one or more pipers ( or drummers)

If you require a piper for any reason let me know.  I work in the Auckland area, but can source pipers for any region in New Zealand.

Fill out this contact sheet and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or commision a Carving?

Alternatively if you would like to request a carving please also use this contact form

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