Auckland Highland Games 2017

It was a busy day arriving at 7:30am to help put up the Clan Cameron Tent
Solos was ok, weather and tuning made the 2/4 March challenging although according to the Judge it sounded ok – “a pleasure to listen to”.  The March might have been better than the Strathspey and Reel although I felt more comfortable with the Strathspey and Reel.  
I did learn a bit about tuning, I did have problems before both performances but will endevour to get these sorted by Waipu on new years day.
I got 2nd out of 3 for the March and 2nd out of 2 for the Strathspey and Reel.
The afternoon had the band competition which started with the march past at 1:00pm.  This was very short only getting through the first tune.  The grade 4 band was first off for the street march and lead the way for the other bands.
I was also temporarily promoted to the grade 3 band for their march past, shown in the below photo.
Competition was the set and medley during the afternoon.  The weather did not make this easy but I think we did ok overall as a band and have improved significantly since last year. 
4:30 was the massed bands which marched past the front of the stands and back again to 100 pipers.  
Pretty knackered by this stage and welcomed a nice cold beer from the Ellerslie Event Centre Bar.

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