Ardbeg Scorch arrival

I had the arrival of a package on Saturday morning that I was not expecting.  I answered the door with a bit of a dumb look on my face trying to work out what I had ordered online and forgot about.  Anyway it happened to be two bottles of whisky I ordered earlier this year.

The whisky in question is Ardbeg Scorch, this years Ardbeg day release whisky.  This was released on 5th June as a limited release.  Unfortunately this was not available on release day, probably due to COVID restrictions, here in New Zealand and had to be pre-ordered until it arrived in the country.

At the time I ordered it, I found no information on the Glengarry wines website about the release.  Glengarry wines has the Ardbeg Embassy license for Auckland and is therefore able to sell these special release bottles.  Whisky Galores website had some information but only had the ability to pre-order on the release date.

Anyway I made my standard 2 bottle order and started the wait.  Well the wait is now over, and as I write this post I still have not tried it.  If I get some time later this evening I will open it and start making some notes on it.

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